Legal Eagle Fuselage tack welded

Time for another progress update!  I took a winterim chemistry class so I was a bit busy and hadn't updated for a bit as I didn't get as much done on the weekends as I'd originally hoped.  But with the winterim class over I was able to again commit to some building time and finished tack welding the fuselage structure up.  Next up is final welding on the entire structure followed by the seat tubes.  After that it'll be time to get it on the gear and get the tail group on.  So since there's not much excitement in posting pictures of welded up joints, it might be a little bit before I get some noticeable progress posted up here on it.  Perhaps the next picture will be of it sitting on it's own gear, or of it with the tail group mounted on it.

 Legal Eagle fuselage tack welded up.

Oh, and I have sat in it and made the obligatory airplane noises. :)

Site Down?! Thanks GoDaddy!
If you noticed the site was down for a few hours today (Jan 11th) - sorry!  I signed up for automatic domain renewal years ago when I purchased this domain.  Since the last renewal I have had to cancel the credit card I used and re-issue with a new number due to some attempted fraud.  Unfortunately I didn't remember to come back and update my account payment information to reflect the new card.  When the registration expired GoDaddy processed the renewal charge but it failed as one would expect.  Except they didn't say "Sorry, we couldn't process your order, you have XX hours to process it" as one would expect.  Nope!  They canceled all the domains and sent me an email saying the auto payment didn't go through and they canceled my domains!   Sheesh!  All are renewed and the site should be back up with maybe only 4 or 5 hours of down time.  But I might be switching DNS registrars after seeing how fast GoDaddy is willing to drop a customer of over 5 years!
Starting the year on a good note.

Now that the Mustang II fuselage is sitting vertically I'm going to make use of the shop space to "quick" build the Legal Eagle fuselage.  New years eve I built the two 2'x8' tables and clamped them together to make a single 2'x16' table and leveled them out.  Janurary 1st I laid out the stringer and station locations, clamped the lower longerons in and started fitting tubing.  By the end of January 2nd I had the tail tack welded (minus the tailpost), built the jig for custructing the "cabin" portion and started on fitting the station 3 vertical tubes.  Two days in and I'd guess I'm nearly 1/2 way done with the major fuselage construction.  I'm certainly a fan of the progress so far.  Osh' 12 or bust!


Legal Eagle fuselage construction.


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