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While the reasons for getting your license are numerous and varied, everyone can agree that there's no feeling like taking to the sky under your own control.  The feeling of accomplishment after your first solo, your solo cross-countries and when you finish your check ride.  It's an experience like no other.   And this is only the begining of where flying and aviation can take you!  Soon you'll be venturing to new airports and destinations.  Seeing the world from a perspective not seen by the majority of the population.  And seeing things you would never see being stuck on the ground.

Once you complete your pilots license, it's only the begining!  From there you can add more ratings and continue your training.  Tailwheel, Seaplane, Multi-engine, IFR, CFI and the list goes on.  You don't even need to pursue a new rating or endorsement because you can simply challenge yourself to a higher level of proficiency in the current aircraft and rating you are at.  As it has been said before, and was told to me by my instructor, it's a license to learn.

Aviation can open a world of possibilities for you and while many people think getting your pilots license is difficult, it really isn't that hard!  If you're interested in getting your license, check out the What to expect  and Choosing a flight instructor articles, then go to your local flight school and schedule an intro flight!  You'll be glad you did!

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