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On schedule with a short term plan - Left forward fuselage skin riveted in place on Friday! 


Left fuselage skin riveted in place.


After finishing the riveting we flipped the fuselage vertical for some more work on the underside of the airplane.  First up will be fitting the landing gear torque tubes, then after that will be the inboard aileron push-pull tubes.  After those are fabricated and installed the bottom wing skin will get riveted in place and the fuselage can get flipped horizontal again to install some skin stiffeners, roll bar, fuel tank mount components, baggage floor and then it's on to the tailcone assembly.  That's when it will really start to take up some shop space!  It's nice having it vertical for a bit as it makes the shop much roomier.  Where it was sitting before the firewall was protruding right to the centerline of the shop and made it a tight squeeze for working on vehicles.  At least when I build the tailcone I'll be turning the fuselage orientation so it won't take up as much "working space"

Fuselage flipped vertically


New spot to work on the fuselage.

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